Paper paper everywhere… not a sheet to grow! That is literally our story! While strolling the streets of the country and gaping at all the paper litter around, we wondered if this can be recycled by people themselves… the curiosity (and the zeal) led us to the paper manufacturers of a small town, where we diligently learnt the entire process of paper making.
Lo and behold, that’s when Eureka struck… and Tomato & co. was born! Its a humble attempt to reduce paper waste and empower people to grow plans directly out of a note… the process of recycling truly and beautifully in their hands!
A winsome and perfect use case for brand activations, corporate giveaways, event merchandise, personal branding and government projects, our paper is truly one of its kind!


Tomato & Co. (Estd. 2014) is a venture of Kritika Complex Private Limited, a company registered under the 1956 Company Act in 1995 with its headquarters in Jaipur, India.
Tomato & Co. manufactures and markets plantable paper and allied products and has found eyeballing traction with brands, events and gifting for its innovative use in promotions, sustainability and mar-com. Record sake, T&Co. bagged a project with a fortune 200 FMCG for one of their ketchup brands in second month of its inception.